Minimum Wages Turkey 2021

Minimum Wages Turkey 2021

 Minimum Wage for 2021 Announced.

Each year, The Turkish government adjusts the minimum wages.

The Minimum Wage Commission has announced the gross minimum wage for 2021 as 3.577 TL, with an increase of 21%.

The gross salary may consist of:

  • the basic salary in your employment contract has been agreed;
  • the allowances for performance, shifts, irregular hours, standby duty and working conditions;
  • the fixed bonus for the sales you make any payment and you will receive;
  • the rewards of third parties caused by the work.
  • Minimum wages for foreign workers are set differently in Turkey. This depends on the type of profession you practice. More about this will be published on our website.

The total gross salary might not be less than the minimum wage.


Period 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021

Gross Salary3.577,50
Social Insurance Employee SGK 14%500,85
Unemployment insurance 1%35,78
Income Tax 15% (*)456,13
Cost of living allowance (agi)268,31
Stamp tax 7,59% (*)27,15
Total Deductions1019,91
Net Salary2.825,90


Gross Salary3.577,50
Employer contribution Social Insurance SGK 15,5%554,51
Unemployment insurance 2%71,55
Total costs employer4.203,56

Please notify:

  • The mentioned aig is minimum and will increase depending on the number of children and marital status.
  • Net salary for apartment staff is defined as 3.040,88
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Minimum Wages Turkey 2021